A call cheers a day

by LMTonair on Şubat 22, 2012

A call cheers a day
A note makes me through the day

no voice to hear
no note to read
no signal from your side

i am losing ;
the hope
the feeling
the longing

i am not into ;
the game
the waiting
the fear

i feel like i am lost without you
got used to thinking with you
got used to listening to your stories
your ideas,
got used to you…your wind, your soul, your voice…

i am yours…

u know i know
it is too hard to get back to our own lives
to follow the path that is written by our fates..
it is a sad sad story
that we reached this point…
and now have to start over from the scratch
it is hard on my soul
your soul
can we just try to heal the scars
and give our souls one more chance…
can we just try to meet again
and give our hands one more chance…

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